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The natives of Candy Land, the Nammis (icelandic for sweets), lived peacefully in tune with nature for centuries until one day a nefarious business man discovered their island and saw the opportunity to draw a profit from the unique candies their people produced.He tyrannized the Nammis, stole their secret recipes, and began mass producing candy in massive factories all over the world. Since he could now sell the candy dirt cheap, the Nammis‘ small business was ruined and their livelihood destroyed.


rebuild their city

Build houses, bakeries, cinemas and much more to feed and entertain the Nammis and to give them back a feeling of home.


Produce all kinds of candy

Make money by producing and selling candy. Choose between chocolate bars, donuts, pralines and much more and improve them to increase your income further.

Explore different continents

C0ntinents & themes


Choclate City






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Now it's up to you! Can you help the Nammis rebuild Candy Land and bring them back to old prosperity and happiness?


Candy land adventures

By Lazy Koala games

Candy Land Adventures is a mobile farming/idle game. With Candy Land Adventures you immerse yourself in the world of the Nammis and help them rebuild their beloved Candy Land. Save the Nammis now!