Idle Candy Land

The natives of Candy Land, the Nammis (icelandic for sweets), lived peacefully in tune with nature for centuries until one day a nefarious business man discovered their island and saw the opportunity to draw a profit from the unique candies their people produced. He tyrannized the Nammis, stole their secret recipes, and began mass producing candy in massive factories all over the world. Since he could now sell the candy dirt cheap, the Nammis‘ small business was ruined and their livelihood destroyed. It didn’t take long for poverty and despair to take hold within their community, and the Nammis nearly lost all hope at being able to save themselves from the brink of extinction.

The player enters the game as a hero, who wants to save the Nammis by virtue of his entrepreneurial talents. He encounters a wise old Nammi by the name of Maoi, who not only knows all the island’s inhabitants and their secrets, but also loves them more than life itself. He is willing to do whatever it takes to save Candy Land, so together they build a new candy empire in the hopes of restoring wealth to the Nammi people, and drive the machiavellian business man away for good. In spite of everything they had managed to keep one secret recipe for themselves: the ultimate candy. Maoi is ready to share his knowledge with the player, but he must first earn the wise Nammi’s trust. Together they can save Candy Land!